a quick update

it's bandcamp friday 😘

Hi! I’m still on a little hiatus from this newsletter (there’s a lot more going on in the world besides music) but I wanted to pop by and drop some Bandcamp recommendations!

You probably know already, but Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share every first Friday of the month for the rest of 2020! That means more money goes directly to the artist, which makes it a great time to purchase that album you’ve been eyeing.

Last Bandcamp Friday I bought music from Kelsey Lu, Nailah Hunter, Onyx Collective, Deli Girls, and Special Interest! To see what I’m buying this Friday, check out this link.

If you need help finding some artists to support today, feel free to look back at this list of lists I compiled for a previous newsletter. I also compiled a list for AdHoc of New York-based Black artists to support on Bandcamp, as well as a list of over 50 (!) Black artists from all over the United States that you can support. If all else fails, scroll through this crowdsourced list of Black artists, labels, and producers from Black Bandcamp.

Not looking to buy music? Take today to channel your money towards Black and Brown liberation with this list of over 200 organizations and funds by McKinley Dixon.

I hope you pick up something nice today! Even though I’m taking a break from this newsletter, I’d love to hear what you bought today—just hit reply on this email!