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this week in nyc: Poppies, Sloppy Jane, and more

Happy Sunday! Just a reminder that this edition is only shows happening this week. Stay tuned later in the week for new announces and other shows.

Tuesday, January 28th

$10-12 | Cole Haden (Model/Actriz), Poppies, Red Ribbon, Castle Pasture @ The Dance ~ 21+

  • I’ve seen Cole Haden as a part of Model/Actriz, and his commitment to putting on a show is enough to make me want to see him solo. Also, Poppies are playing! Sludgy guitars, soft vocals, and tight drumming evoke 90’s garage rock, but there are bright points throughout each song that (excuse me) pop(pies). Ears To Feed has this really nice interview with them, and I’ve put two selections from them to showcase the range of their sound!

$20-25 | Deerhoof, Sloppy Jane & Gold Dime ~ 16+

  • I’m not sure I need to do much convincing on this front. Deerhoof? Automatic yes. Sloppy Jane? The band that just recorded an album in a cave? Haley Dahl, the lead singer, has promised to eat her suit — I’m not sure if it will happen this show, but honestly, wilder things have happened at a Sloppy Jane gig. The first time I saw them, I was floored. I had never seen anything like it, and the band has such a clear, aesthetic vision that they really transform the stage. An experience you really shouldn’t miss. It’s also too hard to pick one Deerhoof song, so please enjoy this Sloppy Jane tune with an unexpectedly catchy refrain about meat and potatoes.

Thursday, January 30th

$10 | Dan English, Poppies, Turtlenecked @ The Windjammer ~ 21+

  • Ooops, put a Poppies show on here twice. Almost like I really think you should go see them? Anyways might as well put another song here then:

Friday, January 31st

$12 | Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, Chubby and the Gang, Stigmatism, Pinocchio @ Market Hotel ~ all ages

  • Loud, abrasive, and energetic punk. Hank Wood and the Hammerheads have been routinely named as fierce performers live, and their sound is definitely reminiscent of first-wave punk music. While there is certainly an appeal for people who think punk bands nowadays are toothless, Hank Wood and the Hammerheads are at their core hard, fast, rock and roll. Their stuff isn’t on Spotify so I’ll link to their most recent release with the suggestion that you listen to “ITS LONELY IN THIS WORLD ALL ALONE” and “HOW'M I SUPPOSED TO WAKE UP IN THE MORNING”

Great! That’s it for shows this week, hope you catch one. As always, let me know if you do.