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two shows, one email, all love

Slim pickings today! But definitely worth your while, and both are all ages!

Monday, February 10th

$10 | Godcaster, Bug Fight, Venus Twins, Threesome @ Trans-Pecos ~ all ages

  • Godcaster have got to be one of the top bands in terms of gigging. They seem to have a show every week, and for good reason: The weird art-rock with a high fantasy tilt is a crowd-pleaser, a good warm-up (or in this case headline) that is sure to get the audience on their feet. For Bug Fight, let me give you a small anecdote: I went to a show of their’s once were the lead singer fell so hard on her knee she was pretty convinced she dislocated it but continued to play the rest of her set. That’s dedication and good music. Best of both worlds. Attend if you like left-of-center rock (Sloppy Jane, Gustaf, etc).

Saturday, February 15th

$15-$17 | Habibi (record release), Ice Balloons, Champagne Superchillin' @ Market Hotel ~ all ages

  • Habibi hit Market Hotel this weekend to celebrate the release of their second album ‘Anywhere But Here’. Psychedelic rock with nods to lead singer Rahill Jamalifard’s Iranian roots (the tombak makes an appearance in “Come My Habibi” and both Farsi and Arabic lyrics are sung on the track). There is something very retro in the sound of Habibi, but unmistakeably new. Check out the two tracks below to get an idea for the range of styles Habibi adopts:

Note: Habibi is presented by AdHoc, the place I currently intern. I do not gain anything from listing this show here, and I have only listed it because I am a fan of the music and would recommend the show to a friend.

As always, this is just a (short) list of shows this week. Stay tuned for a bigger newsletter with all the new announces and extra bits later this week.