last minute tickets💨

dancing is not optional this week

I better see some of you at the front of a show this week! Stacked shows from Wednesday to Saturday and really decent winter weather means you don’t have an excuse to not leave your house.

Wednesday, February 5th

$10-$12 | Ghost King (Single Release Party) + Ghost Funk Orchestra + Lushwork @ The Sultan Room ~ 21+

  • First heard of this band when they released their sophomore album, ‘Dunbar Swamp’. While the entire album — which swings between psychedelic and garage rock — is worth listening to, I’ve picked some of my favorites to showcase below. At this show, they’ll be celebrating the release of their latest single, “Wolf Cough”.

Thursday, February 6th

free with RSVP | Future Punx, Honduras, Realworld @ Planet X ~ 21+

  • A new venue, Planet X, has opened up in Ridgewood and will be having a free show as a part of their opening night celebration. Future Punx are one of the few bands whose sound is really, really different than what I’m used to hearing in Brooklyn. With colorful synths and an ambitious use of chiptune, Future Punx are more indebted to acts like Devo than, well, The Strokes. Rewire your brain this Thursday:

$12-$15 | Stuyedeyed + Material Girls + Gift @ The Sultan Room ~ 21+

  • Feel like I’ve written about Stuyedeyed before, but this band is seriously good. Seen them twice now, once for the release of their EP ‘Moments of Terribleness’ (which is one of the prettiest vinyl I own). They are kicking off another tour at this show, and you can expect the lively, immersive, and straight-up unrestrained performance that characterizes all of their sets. Familiarize yourself with their music below, and then cop tickets:

$11 | Bipolar w/ Bad Kiss, Nevva, Spite Fuxxx @ Alphaville ~ 21+

Friday, February 7th

$12-$15 | Loose Buttons (Album Release) with Stolen Jars and Been Stellar @ The Dance ~ 18+

Saturday, February 8th

? | Been Stellar @ House Show ~ dm for address, stripped set

$12-$15 | Native Sun Release Show w/ Public Practice and Pure Adult @ The Dance ~ 18+

  • God, if you haven’t seen Native Sun yet I don’t know what to tell you. What I will say is that they are celebrating the release of their single “Juarez”, which will come out on the label they’ve literally just signed to, Grand Jury Music. If Native Sun weren’t enough, Public Practice is also playing! What more do you want on a Saturday night?

    Your weekly reminder to get out and see a show, especially one where you don’t know any of the acts (which tbh are very rewarding). As always, let me know if you attend!