last minute tickets💨

it's the last week of february, treat urself

Another pretty slow week, but don’t let your guard down—March is looking plenty packed. I would recommend listening to the songs I’ve selected though and deciding if the show is for you. If you go, let me know! Also a note: it’s midterms so the longer newsletter will probably come later in the week than usual.

Tuesday, February 25th

$10 | Johnny Scuotto, Yaasss, Beechwood, Dark Tunnels @ Berlin ~ 21+

  • Recommended if you miss (or missed) the 70’s music scene in New York City. Not necessarily bands from the era, but certainly bands that bring the same energy and classic sound—a great combination of glam rock and punk. Also, Yaasss are on this lineup! I mentioned it before, but this band is great live and definitely deserves your time.

Friday, February 28th

$12-$15 | PNTHN w/ Ade Hakim, Motherlurk, ATM @ Baby’s All Right ~ all ages

  • I have been waiting forever for PNTHN to come to NYC. When I first heard them they were only playing Florida shows. Thankfully, a tour with Vince Staples seems to have earned this rap collective enough clout to actually come to NYC. They’ve been releasing music at such a steady clip for the past few years—all good—but I had to pick the original project that put me on, so give it a stream and see them this week:

$7 | Flasyd, Butthole University, NFL @ TV Eye ~ not sure about the ages

  • This venue just opened up recently but it’s been booking a ton of cool bands, including Flasyd. There’s a dance party after this show in case you still had something to prove.

Saturday, February 29th

$10 | BIB, Krimewatch, Twisted Thing, Dogbreath and special guest Show Me The Body @ Trans-Pecos ~ all ages

  • A hardcore show—attend at your own risk. Seriously though, if you like shows wear moshing is not a choice and you’ll probably sweat through your clothes, attend. I actually know only one of the bands on this bill (the special guest) but the other ones sound pretty good as well.