tune out 🎧

a list of resources for mindfulness, relaxation, and self-care


  • skribbl: Play Online Pictionary with friends or strangers

  • Pulseboy: a cute chiptune generator that I first discovered through Tumblr that allows you to string together tunes online.

  • Pop Clouds with Poolside FM and Recess: This "virtual getaway site" is designed for you to pause and collect your thoughts. The aim is to pop 100 clouds slowly, and there's even a built-in stream from Poolside FM that you can listen to as you cloud watch.

  • Yaeji’s Juice Club: An in-browser online RPG where each juice you order at Joofa’s Juice provides a different musical experience at the club, soundtracked by Yaeji’s recent mixtape.

  • Contemplative Drawing Machine: a drawing game with prompts to help treat creative blocks, boredom, and the need for self-expression.

  • 108: A minimal, in-browser beat machine

  • Like Like: a multiplayer online world where you can create an avatar and recreate pre-pandemic activities: standing awkwardly in the corner of a loud gallery or playing obscure games with other players.

  • Haiku Haiku: a website where people can collaborate on haikus. start a new one or add to an unfinished one!


  • Ashram Tapes: This website from dublab revisits the devotional work of Alice Coltrane (who later adopted the name Swamini Turiyasangitananda). For Coltrane enthusiasts and newbies alike, this website features a documentary, an episode from Coltrane’s TV show, as well as mixes of her work (some previously unheard).

  • Metamorphosis FM: An audiovisual healing virtual environment that uses sound frequencies and light waves directly tied to energy centers, as well as African drum patterns and instrumentation of diasporic revolutions to nurture the people of the diaspora.

  • take 15: Take 15 prompts users to open a digital window that plays a soothing nature soundtrack—birds, breeze, frogs, etc—for exactly fifteen minutes.

  • Tree FM: listen to trees from around the world with visuals to match.

  • Work at Dunder Mifflin: online co-working for The Office fans

  • Travel Remotely: Tune into radio stations from around the world, paired with visuals of moving through cities on foot or by car and train. Check out Radio Garden for a similar concept.

  • I Miss My Bar: another pandemic-era soundscape meant to imitate, you guessed it, your favorite bar.

  • Poolside.fm: Besides having a super cool website design, it has a nearly endless selection of music to listen to—from mixes, to different channels like Indie Summer and Hangover Club. There is also a stream of different visuals to accompany it. You can switch what the site looks like, send messages in the chatbox, and leave your name in the guestbook.

  • A List of Online Radio Stations curated by yours truly (Alyana)

Here’s some meditation music from Bandcamp that I’ve found very useful:

Mental Health


Learn From Others

Cool Web

  • Weather Gradient: a website that generates a gradient based on the weather. enter a zipcode and enjoy!

  • Sunset: watch a sunset with a stranger or invite a friend

  • Gossip’s Cafe: a digital cafe open from 8am-11pm. share music you're listening to, post fun stuff for people to check out on their coffee break, and let other people know what you're working on. next level digital co-working.

  • Slo-th Network: an experiment to slowdown communication, slo-th delivers new letters every day for you to pause and reflect on. The caveat is that you have to turn your Wi-Fi off to respond.

  • Our Softest Hour by Clarice Ng: an interactive sound piece where participants send in their late-night thoughts for the artist to respond to. Responses come in the form of 15-30 second personalized melodies that serve as a form of comfort and acknowledgment.

Offline Activities

Have any resources you think would be a good fit for this page? Comment them below or respond to one of my emails and I’ll include it!