What music is getting you through self-isolation?

This is the thread for this week’s question! Feel free to post in response, or comment on someone else’s response. Think of this as an opportunity to talk to other music fans about music, and maybe learn something new along the way. I will always put my answer to the question first, because if I’m going to ask I should at least be prepared to answer.

Loud, fast, punishing music has been getting me through self-isolation. I’m pretty sure that my upstairs neighbors now know the lyrics to “Suffocate” by Gnarcissists by heart, given how many times I’ve put Caught in The Webb I’ve played in the last few days alone. “Venom” by Little Simz has also been on repeat, and I’ve been diving back into noise with artists like Deli Girls (always a joy). It’s always easier for me to indulge in anger than despair, so these songs help me keep my mind off things. I’ve also been listening to a lot of internet radio, mostly ambient music or whatever is playing on NTS at the time. Shout out The Lot Radio for playing this mix by Nick AM and this one from Macula Dog.